Emma Rucastle

Freelance Theatre Professional

Passion Play

Emma’s new Passion Play for 2019, supported by The Passion Trust, was performed in 4 venues – St Oswald’s Church, Warton, Torrisholme, Church of the Ascension, Lancaster Priory and Lancaster’s Market Square. The production was a modern, thought-provoking, witty interpretation of the Passion narrative.

“Emma wrote a script which balanced touches of humour with a reverential treatment of scripture, allowing a retelling of the story which was comprehensive but accessible, even to those with little knowledge of the Christian faith. She also gave her cast of amateurs the skills and confidence not only to act in four very different venues but to sing in each performance – not an easy task!” (Passion Play actor)

“The Passion Play was a most impressive new production and a credit to everyone involved. The balance between the spoken word and singing worked very well to keep the story moving. The use of space and movement in each venue worked really well. Within a few minutes of the first performance there was real sense that the audience was deeply engaged in what was happening around them; the silences during the play were particularly profound. The references to current world issues worked very well and reminded us of the relevance to the story to today’s world.” (audience member)

Church Times interview with Emma Rucastle. June 14th 2019