"Very impressive company" - Stratford-upon-Avon Theatre BlogSpot

"I have worked with Emma several times as a professional actor retained by her Company ELART Productions. She is an excellent director with a clear and specific vision of what she wants while, at the same time, allowing the actors the freedom to experiment and contribute fully to the creative process." - Paul Slater, actor.

"I have hired Emma more than once and would have no hesitation to do so again. Emma and her team produce beautiful music, almost magical. They are professional, reliable, trustworthy and likeable. The quality of their acting is also outstanding." - Mandy Holten, Custodian St John's, Lancaster.

"Emma was an exceptional colleague during our post-graduate studies at Middlesex. Always cheerful, creative, and hardworking, she was an asset when we were to work in teams. Emma and I spent a winter together in Moscow, Russia, studying under masters at the National Academy of Dramatic Art. She directed excellent pieces, and I remember a particularly poignant performance and interpretation of scene she created and in which she acted." - Irene Hodes MFA Theatre Directing

Guardian Review for Memorandum

'Memorandum', a black comedy by Czech philosopher, politician and playwright Vaclav Havel, is very much in the tradition of the Theatre of the Absurd, alongside the works of Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, John Osborne and many European writers. In this style of theatre, anything can happen, often without any rhyme or reason.

Emma Rucastle's wonderfully imaginative production has silently and neatly updated some details of the office environment (no typewriters, comptometers or stenographs visible) and used the ample, resonant space of Lancaster Library to fine effect. Diction, gesture, body language and blocking were all first class. In short, a timely, moral triumph.

Michael Nunn - Lancaster Guardian (28/5/15)

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